Our story, why we started...

Figure 8

Born out of our frustration while delivering a project as team members, we believed there was a better way to do right by a client, to really give the IT that would support their business.

Figure8 is a boutique and independent consultancy that focuses solely on enterprise class solutions.

We are an IT service provider specialising in delivering and supporting IT infrastructure solutions. Our biggest strength is our independence.

We are a principal led consultancy that is passionate about what and how we deliver. We only employ people that we trust.


"We engaged Figure 8 for the infrastructure for the automated equipment and have been working with the team for 2 years solidly and its a great experience"

"Figure 8 did the initial divestment  and went on to be a regular provider for the following 8 years since, from Infrastructure to O365 we trust them to do it all "

"When  divested 4 divisions of its business 8 years ago, we worked with Figure8 to do so and have continued to to date!"

Independent IT Advice, every time.