Our security services

Security: Cyber Security & Risk Management 

Figure8 will help you identify the information assets that really matter to you and will help you through the process of selecting appropriate security controls that maximise their protection and your digital opportunities.
Privacy is a growing issue for NZ organisations, particularly in the finance & health sectors, and for organisations dealing with European laws i.e. subject to GDPR. Let us safeguard your customers personally identifiable information, like we have done for dozens or organisations.


Security: SECaaS

Security as a Service (SECaaS)

• Creating a degree of separation between internal team and security

• We comprehensively patch, which is fully visible through our frequent reporting

• Multi-factor authentication on all services - de-risk the cloud

Security: Pen Testing

Figure8 can assess the security of your Linux, Windows (virtualised or physical) environments. 

We're experts on Cloud, on-premise, co-location, or hybrid datacentres. Our penetration tests will robustly check for vulnerabilities, security weaknesses and potential regulatory compliance. Our infrastructure hardening advice will validate your architecture and your alignment with your business needs. Let Figure8 help you pass the test!


Security: Managed Security

Cyber threats are growing every year. Organisations now understand that security isn't just at the perimeter, security by design must be embedded in all services. From security reviews, remediation, compliance, and meeting new stringent privacy rules, Figure8 is leading the way in New Zealand. Figure8 can offer you a virtual CISO, effective monitoring, IDS, and patching that is guaranteed.

Security: by Design

Security the foundation of all of our solutions and why we score higher than any other IT provider in NZ when our client environments and cloud tenancies are audited.

Figure8 believe that design is everything, just like some of the world's most successful brands incl. Apple, and Mercedes Benz, we think through every aspect of a solution during the design phase. This makes 

Security: Red Hat

We can run full red hat testing of your business, from the physical to the technical. The less we say here, the more protected you are.