Our managed services


Disaster Recovery

Because something as simple as a power failure should be survivable.

How prepared is your business for an event-for example, an earthquake, fire, or human error -that seriously damages your IT infrastructure? Figure8 will collaborate with you to develop and implement a plan that protects your electronic records and enables you to resume operations quickly when faced with disaster.

We will tailor DR solutions scaled to the size and needs of your business and budget

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

• Tailored DR solutions scaled to your business

• Runbook validation and annual testing, meaning rapid recovery times

• Carefree business - low cost reassurance - only pay when you use it.

Managed Security

Managed Security

Cyber threats are growing every year. Organisations now understand that security isn't just at the perimeter, security by design must be embedded in all services. From security reviews, remediation, compliance, and meeting new stringent privacy rules, Figure8 is leading the way in New Zealand. Figure8 can offer you a virtual CISO, effective monitoring, IDS, and patching that is guaranteed.

Security as a Service (SECaaS)

• Creating a degree of separation between internal team and security

• We comprehensively patch, which is fully visible through our frequent reporting

• Multi-factor authentication on all services - de-risk the cloud

Managed Infrastructure


Figure8 are proactive on infrastructure. We view infrastructure operations as a race to the top. Incidents and problem management through to capturing repeatable tasks in Standard Operating Procedures (SoP's), and our best of class ticketing, monitoring, and patching solutions. This all adds up to peace of mind for you and easy budgeting. If you want managed service aligned with your technology roadmap, then get in touch!!

Managed Infrastructure Services

• Lights on, worry free

• Fully monitored & managed Cloud / On-Prem / Hybrid. No more bill shock.

• When it comes to monitoring, we have a customisable dashboard where all services can be viewed from anywhere

• Monthly road-mapping provides a proactive approach, so budgets can be forecasted with confidence

• As your vendor, we 'own' the licensing, certificates & everything else, so you don't have to worry about it

Managed Desktop

Figure8 do desktops like the Swiss make watches. We've been automating and standardising desktops since the industry evolved. Whether you're after a Standard Desktop, of you want to utilise a cloud or hybrid VDI solution then Figure8 can make it work 100% for you. We know Windows, and we know applications, and we know how to deliver managed services with a smile.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

• On-site and Remote Support

• Access to Remote Support at a low fixed cost

• On-site Support can be arranged on a permanent or as needed basis

• Standardised Windows or Mac environment, fully managed for stability

• Constant availability & support with our 24x7 Service Desk in both Auckland & Wellington