Our DR-BCP services

DR and BCP typically isn't given the time of day, until disaster strikes and reality is you need one. Even with the events of the Christchurch earthquake, some are not taking the sensible steps. Right now the Corona Virus Pandemic is the 4th DR Scenario - it isn't a disaster, but if we don't act, it could become one.


Bronze is the most basic level of DR readiness. It is the creation of detailed DR runbooks for selected systems. These runbooks are validated in theory only, and are not actually tested in any way.


Silver is the creation of detailed DR runbooks for selected systems, followed by individual system testing and the validation of each runbook. Relevant Interfaces are tested with individual systems. A level of optimisation can be achieved by testing common system interfaces a single time.


Gold includes both stages one and two. DR runbooks are created, then tested and validated individually. Once any changes have been fed back into the runbooks (including required re-testing and validation), a complete production failover is scheduled, planned, and executed.