Cloud Services

Cloud: by Design

Design is just as important in the cloud as it was on-premise, or in the datacentre.

All of our cloud deployments benefit from an unrivalled focus on design and planning. 

It's easy to under-estimate the cost of cloud hosting, and the risk of bill shock. Let Figure8 take the stress and risk out of your implementation.

Cloud: Migration

The usual first step; after capturing your requirements, assess your options, analyse costs, is to move your email to the cloud.

Then we look at the next 3 phases ircluding run a PoC before migrating your critical business services,

We're expert at avoiding cost humps, and we're also experiences at ensuring your business and users are uninterrupted.

Cloud: Hybrid

Most medium to large organisations will be in a hybrid state for part of their cloud journey. Security, compliance, networking, and performance are all valid concerns on this journey. How do you best integrate private and public clouds with your on-prem or co-located infrastructure? where does licensing fit in?

Cloud: Automation & Orchestration

We can set up your Cloud Native technologies to automate your environment access as a pace of innovation.

Whether a K8 stack, Weave Works or other tooling, we continue to take an open approach to ensure your infrastructure can orchestrate your business services.